Spring Cleaning

From Top to Bottom...

At one time, spring cleaning was a much needed chore after a long, cold winter of coal, oil and wood burning. These heat sources would leave homes dusty, dirty and covered with soot and ash. Even today, our homes are in need of a thorough spring cleaning following the winter season after months of muddy shoes and boots being dragged through the house.

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Spring cleaning is a welcome tradition for many people. After months of dark, cold winter, spring cleaning signifies the return of spring and spending time outdoors!

While we keep the house clean through the winter, it's really important to open up the windows, move furniture around and do all the extra cleaning steps that are on a 'deep clean' house cleaning checklist. And that's whether you do some of these chores yourself or bring in the experts at 7 / 7 Trading Services.

Just How Clean is a 7 / 7 Clean?

With some care and attention from 7 / 7 Trading Services, your home can quickly shrug off the winter dust and give you more free time to do all the things you truly enjoy.

7 / 7 Trading Services spring cleaning is based on the same high standards that are used during an initial house clean. In addition to all the areas covered during an initial house clean, a spring clean can involve additional attention to specific areas of the home according to customer requirements.

During all visits, 7 / 7 Trading Services experts provide the same professional and thorough clean to meet the individual needs of all our customers. In fact, a 7 / 7 Trading Services spring clean can be carried out at any time of year, including moving out cleans.

SPRING CLEANING - It's in the detail

Spring cleaning tasks by the experts at 7 / 7 Trading Services include the same thorough, consistent and reliable service that our regular cleans provide. But they also include all or some of the following items according to your personal needs:

  • Remove the contents of kitchen units and cupboards and thoroughly clean the insides
  • Clean the insides of wardrobes
  • Wash all painted and commonly-touched surfaces such as doors, walls and window frames
  • Wash skirting boards, in addition to our usual dusting of skirting boards


We can provide a regular or one-off service for landlords

  • End of Tenancy Cleans
  • Emergency callout services